Luis Callen: «Logistics plays a paramount role in our operations»

1. Your company is known in the market of professional radio communication for many years. What has changed in your work over the past years? What would you like to highlight the current directions of your company’s development?

L. C.: The truth is that since Teltonic began its activity in 1974, the telecommunications sector has undergone a real revolution. We started our trajectory developing analog equipment and we are currently exploring new processes of evolution over digital broadband communication solutions, so the technological leap has been very significant. With the new millennium, a crucial development was experienced with the arrival of digital technology which has improved security, speed and transmission quality, thus offering us new business opportunities but, at the same time, demanding a great innovative effort.
Looking to the future, although TETRA technology (Narrow band) has proven that it is still valid and has a long way to go, the truth is that the future is oriented towards broadband systems such as LTE. In the short term, the hybrid solutions that we have already deployed are an interesting option in this migration process. We are also working on the development of cybersecurity solutions to protect critical communications systems, and we are exploring new critical communications multimedia services, which allow the transmission of voice, data and multimedia. Finally, we are deepening into the Internet of Things and its application to our environment, especially in sectors such as transport in what is known as the Internet of Trains

2. Your company is transnational, it operates all over the world. Our Trade and Logistics IT Platform “New Silk Road BRICS” ( also works all over the world. How relevant is your company products for the delivery & logistics at the global market?

L. C.: Indeed, Teltronic as part of Hytera Group since 2017, operates worldwide and has more than 500 references in more than 50 countries. Our products have been deployed on five continents, so logistics plays a paramount role in our operations, not only because we move large volumes of goods from our factory in Zaragoza (Spain), we also participate in fairs and events throughout the planet, to which we also have to transport equipment.

On the other hand, our relationship with the logistics sector is not only as consumers, but also as suppliers. Transport is one of our main markets, with particular focus on the railway sector, both for passengers and freight. We must also take into account that our solutions are designed to meet the needs of critical infrastructures, such as ports or airports. That is, from Teltronic we offer comprehensive and integrated solutions that offer communication tools that facilitate logistics work

3. Which of the latest projects you have implemented around the world are the most significant for the market?

L. C.: Recently, Teltronic has strengthened its leadership position in the Latin American market of critical communications, with important projects in countries such as Brazil or Mexico: Goiás, Santa Catarina or Porto Alegre Metro. In addition, there has also been significant growth in the transport market, with projects for the Odense Tram (Denmark), Palembang Light Rail Train (Indonesia), Istanbul Metro (Turkey), New Jersey Transit Area (USA), Zhetygen – Altynkol railway line of KTZh (Kazakhstan), or Moatize-Nacala railway line (Mozambique), just to name a few examples. You may see details at

4. How do new technologies (4G, 5G and others) affect your company’s market?

L. C.: Innovation plays a key role in telecommunications, technology advances very fast and that requires us to be constantly evolving. The introduction of these new technologies means new systems capabilities, although we still have to see how the frecuency legislative framework is developed.

In any case, it supposes new challenges and new opportunities. The mastery of technology has always been the basis of our R&D activity, we have always work to get the greatest technological capacity in order to transform it in new developments. Thus, the company maintains a constant activity of technological surveillance and participates in the main forums, this is the best way to analyse the market and try to anticipate to their circumstances and future needs. This contributes to improve our competitiveness and create new business opportunities. Our technological know-how and the patents we have registered are one of our great assets.

5. To our readers from different companies all over the world, what interesting solutions could your company offer in the area of logistics?

L. C.: As it has been mentioned before, Teltronic offers integrated communication solutions for critical environments such as transport. In this sense, our proposal includes network infrastructure (TETRA, TETRA+LTE or pure LTE), on-board equipment, mobile and portable terminals and the control center solution. This guarantees not only robust and stable voice and data communications, but also allows integration with other train subsystems and even with signalling applications. All this with the guarantee that they are turnkey projects, fully adapted to the particular needs of each project.