Logistics platform

It is a technological platform on which the carriers offer their rates in real time, and the system selects the winner automatically based on the offered price and the conditions provided by the carrier. This unique service will allow the shippers to order cargo transportation by sea and river transport, in containers, railway covered wagons, open wagons, cisterns, etc.

Advantages of the platform

Reduction of workflow: all information and work records will be available to the transaction participants online in the 24/7 access mode without expiration of the limitation period.
Security and total control of the delivery process is carried out with the use of smart contracts built on the blockchain system.
Saving on the documents forwarding – during the transportation the documents forwarding takes more than 7 days, and their number exceeds all reasonable limits – with the help of our system all the transaction participants and servicing organizations, namely, logistics companies, road carriers, air carriers, port services, state and private structures related to the control and registration of export-import transactions will be able to get online access to all accompanying documents.
Reduction of transportation cost by eliminating numerous intermediaries and selection of the most profitable method of transportation from those proposed by the IT system.
Optimization of workflow. All unnecessary operations that complicate the work of logistics specialists, officials and managers will be automatically excluded from the chain.

Tracking system

Container tracking system

Container tracking system will help to determine current position of the container on the world map. It can also process the transshipment ports data and calculate the time spent on possible transshipments. Also, the system transmits data from the Automatic Identification System (AIS). This is an automated tracking system used on ships and by Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) to identify and detect objects by electronic data interchange with other AIS stations. Use of AIS will allow this container tracking system to provide the most accurate information. Also, the system can integrate the RFID control module or GPS labels and track any cargo movements at any point of the route.

Railway wagons tracking system

Railway wagons tracking system carries out:
Operational search for a wagon within 5 minutes.
Tracking of a wagon during the voyage.
Information about dislocation of a wagons from railways of different countries.
Clear view of a wagon dislocation on the map.
History of a wagon movements stored in the database.

Trade platform for public and private exporting companies

Trade platform for exporting companies is designed for a full cycle of the commodities price calculation, taking into account all stages of delivery to the final destination. This will save the time spent by the exporting companies’ employees for formation of a price offer to a final buyer, increase significantly confidence in suppliers, facilitate and speed up negotiation process before signing international contracts. In addition, as a result of the fact that the system can determine the best price for the goods delivery itself, the exporting company can save significantly on transportation costs and provide the client with the most competitive price with delivery, under DAP, CFR and other Incoterms conditions.

The trade platform users will be able to see rating and verification of traders and companies, view activity history of the platform participants, and also to study current domestic prices in different countries on a separate page(optional).

The platform is built on the most up-to-date blockchain 3.0 platform and can be distributed across nodes and servers in different countries to ensure its reliability and constant access in case of failure of a part of the system.

Our team

It is a symbiosis of logistics specialists and developers. Carriers with 20 years of experience in the international market of logistics services and cooperation with the top shipping corporations send a group of programmers, architects, designers and other IT professionals to achieve a common goal.

Our feature

Cargo turnover in the world freight market makes several million tons every day, and the market capacity itself is trillions of tons of cargo transported. The estimated amount of containers in the world in 2018 is one billion.
It’s only natural for both clients and service providers to face daily a lot of difficulties, false information, fraud, loss of time and other problems that such a huge business sphere may involve.
Our specialists have created a smart automated system that allows for seconds and only in a few clicks to receive comprehensive information about the price, time and alternative methods of cargo delivery.
More than 12 years of algorithms evolution, regular updates and improvements to program code, processing of incoming information from users and agents are all applied today in our online services, which are used daily by thousands of people around the world.
At the moment, there are no complete analogs in the world.
If the market of air tickets or hotel booking is focused on the B2C sector and relies only on the number of people and the time frame, then the freight market is much more difficult, if only because the cargos have physical and geometric characteristics. The solution can vary depending on hundreds of variables, up to the change of the transport selected.
Perhaps, that is why not many people decide to undertake this task, and if they undertake, they incur huge financial losses on a long path of trial and error.

About the platform

• 20,000+ website visitors every day
• Calculation of any rate in less than a second
• All types of transport in one window
• Integration of crypto currency wallets with generation of unique wallets
• Integration of value of assets accounted on the balance of the company, including financial and crypto currency, with their instant estimation in real time according to the data of accredited exchanges
• Transfers between the participants in 24×7 mode at the cost of GAS or at the set minimum rate
• Visualization of the presented route on the Google map
• Online order of any shipment in a few clicks
• Development of routes and calculation of transit time
• Automatic selection of the optimal route and type of transportation
• Registration of new clients and online bookings
• Tariff exchange with other logistics companies
• Adding partners, agents and other companies whose tariffs are required
• Use of own tariffs as priority
• Hiding tariffs of other companies (customization at the discretion of the user)
• Adding your commission to other tariffs, profit management
• 24/7 operation without days off and holidays
• Sales of user tariffs on hundreds of other websites using the same system
• Exchange of freight requests
• Promo codes as a motivation for calling a company for a discount or for working under special contracts
• Return of clients to the website for settlements – increase in website traffic and audience of the site
• Improvement of the website results in search engines
• Current rates from all carriers on-line
• Absence of intermediaries and overpayments
• Fully transparent pricing system
• Built-in control panel
• Customization of design and appearance
• Instant access to up-to-date information for clients