Ready for The Northern Sea Route

maritime security monitoring system



• Everyday visiting

• 3m resolution by demand

Activities Tracking

Every day tracking and reporting

• Automatically monitors port and coastlines around the world at 3 meter resolution to detect ships
• 3m precision on demand
• Establish a baseline of port activity and monitor for anomalies in ship count patterns or vessel behaviour
• Monitor ship traffic around areas of strategic interest
• Observe transshipments, follow suspicious activity, and monitor vessels at near-daily frequency


Pair with AIS and other maritime datasets

• Integrate open water imagery with your AIS feed, very high resolution imagery, and other maritime datasets to better understand movement and vessel activity at sea.
• Monitor for activity where AIS signalling has been turned off or lost
• Observe dark activity, validate AIS data, and protect against spoofing

Vessels Detection

Detection type of vessels


Fishing boats
Cargo ships
Cargo ships
Navy Vessels
Offshore Oil


Activities Monitoring

Statistic of ships movements every day

Precise Inspection

With 0.5m images resolution


Logistic Control

Transport & Logistics Inspection




• Easy to use by security and port staff
• 1cm per pixel resolution
• Cartography
• Live security monitoring, movement detection


Command Center


• Aerial and Ground Mission Execution
• Virtual Reality technologies
• Drone and Autopilot agnostic (No vendor dependency)
• Multi operator and multi drone mode
• Logs, data, video storage and management
• Smooth integration
• Data security




• Remote and on-site management
• Mobile application for drone management
• Mapping of site
• Detection of changes and risks
• Movement detection


Search and rescue and maritime surveillance operations


• Passive sensor – ViDAR (optical radar) emits nothing thus avoiding detection on covert missions
• Low Size Weight and Power
(SWaP) system that doesn’t affect the operation of aircraft or UAVs
• Finds non transmiting and non-reflective targets
• Greater than 90% Probability of Detection on first pass

Autonomous Ground Robots

Security Monitoring


• Plan Mission
• Remotely execute Mission by UGV, collect precision photos in POIson on first pass