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Dear customers!

NSRT has limited offer to sale 15 Jan – 31 Jan, if you interested please email to: alex@newsilkroadbrics.com

About the platform "New Silk Road BRICS"

At the moment, it is the first trade and logistics site in the world supported by specialized structures of such a high international and supranational level, where crypto-currencies and digital tokens will be used in real foreign trade transactions.

It should be noted that only the application of cryptography algorithms, blockchain 3.0 and crypto currency in global world trade and logistics, will allow to raise all the technology and methods of cargo transportation to an absolutely different, much higher level of development.

Our online blocking SaaS system consists of two platforms: logistics and trading

Logistic platform

It is a technological platform on which carriers in real time offer their rates, and the system automatically chooses the winner based on the offered price and the terms provided by the carrier.
This unique service will allow shippers to order cargo transportation by sea and river transport, in containers, railway covered wagons, gondola cars, cisterns, etc.

Platform Advantages:
  • Reduction of workflow: all information and work records will be available to participants of the transaction online in the mode of access 24 to 7 without expiration of the limitation period.
  • Security and full control of the delivery process is carried out using smart contracts built on the block system.
  • Saving on the mailing of documents – during the transportation of documents takes more than 7 days, and their number exceeds all reasonable limits for a long time – with the help of our system all the participants in the transaction and servicing organizations, namely, logistics companies, road hauliers, air carriers, port services, The state and private structures related to the control and registration of export-import transactions will be able to get online access to all accompanying documents.
  • Reducing the cost of transportation by eliminating numerous intermediaries and choosing the most profitable way of transportation from the IT system.
  • Optimization of the workflow. All unnecessary operations that complicate the work of logisticians, officials and managers will be automatically excluded from the chain.


IThe trading platform for exporting companies is designed for a full cycle of calculating the price of goods, taking into account all stages of delivery to the final destination. This will shorten the time for employees of exporting companies to form a price offer to the final buyer, significantly increase confidence in suppliers, facilitate and speed up the negotiation process before signing international contracts. Also, as a result of the fact that the system itself is capable of issuing a definition of the best price for the delivery of goods, the exporting company can save considerable on transportation costs and provide the customer with the most competitive price with delivery, under DAP, CFR and other Incoterms conditions.
Users of the trading platform will be able to see the rating and verification of traders and companies, view the activity history of platform participants, and also on a separate page to study current domestic prices in different countries (optional).
The platform is built on the most up-to-date blockchain 3.0 platform and can be distributed across nodes and servers in different countries to ensure its reliability and constant access in case of failure of a part of the system.